For producers, Palmerston Grain and South West Ag are currently contracting acreage for the current and future soybean crop across a vast growing area in Ontario. We are contracting acreage for:

  • High Protein/Large seeded soybeans
  • IP soybeans
  • SQWH soybeans
  • Non-GMO soybeans.

We offer programs for growing well-adapted varieties in various growing regions, for both harvest and post-harvest delivery periods.

The soybeans you grow will be shipped across parts of Asia to be turned into food products such as tofu and soymilk.

Growers looking to add Food Beans to their cropping rotation should consult with their agronomist and Palmerston Grain marketing professional to establish the best cropping and marketing plan.

Branch Locations

Becher – (519) 627-1491
Chatham – (519) 380-0002
Dover – (519) 351-5156
Eberts – (519) 352-2651
Palmerston – (519) 343-3526
Ridgetown – (519) 674-5491
Rutherford – (519) 692-3918

Russell McLaughlin
Grain Originator for Eastern Ontario
(519) 572-3075

Melinda Scott
Grain Originator for Eastern Ontario
(519) 495-6804