St. Clair Agri Services is a leader in offering non-GMO food grade soybeans to customers around the world. The soybean products we offer to the export markets are carefully conditioned according to the customer’s specifications. St. Clair Agri Services specializes in the research, production, processing and exporting of food grade soybeans to many areas of South East Asia.

Cleaning & Processing

Our H-Brand soybeans are put through top of the line processing methods that maintain the reliable high quality of our product. We use advanced soybean processing equipment, including some of the following:

  • Air Screen Cleaner
  • Colour/video Sorters
  • Powerful magnets
  • Gravity Sorters
  • Destoners
  • Belt Sorters

Our cleaning and processing equipment allows St. Clair Agri Services the ability to meet food grade contract specifications, even during challenging years.

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Packaging & Logistics

St. Clair Agri Services offers processing of food grade beans in many different forms; including 30kg paper bags, 30kg poly bags, 45kg jute bags, 1 tonne tote bags and bulk. We load in both 20 foot and 40 foot containers, and have services such as shrink wrapping and container lining available. We offer specific lot identification options, as well as weight & metal checkpoints throughout the process.

Logistics is no problem for St. Clair Agri Services. With services available to facilitate the movement of freight from origin to destination by ocean, rail, air and highway. Our package of value-added services includes international freight forwarding, intermodal trucking, document preparation, cargo insurance provision, customs formalities, and much more.


Merle Hazzard, Specialty Bean Export Manager
P – 519-359-8127

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    - Composition requirements (moisture, oil, protein, foreign material, etc.)
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